Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

hi beautiful! :)
SomeThing to Enjoy??

Victoria's Secret Angels are sooooo HOT! There is no wonder that i loooove watching their fashion shows! 
I love waiting every fashion show that they're doing and what motif they are in. 
Now I am going to show you the top fashion shows that Victoria's Secret made with my 4 favorite songs!   


VICTORIA'S SECRET Aquatic Angels! 


VICTORIA'S SECRET Angels on Club Pink!

So, I hope you enjoy what I have prepared for you! :) Thank You! 
--ciao! :) 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Follow or Join!

hi beautiful! :)
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These are my blogs and i hope you FOLLOW and JOIN me in my everyday adventures!
i hope you will love reading my blog! :)

raawr: Youtubers

Something to Enjoy!

Thank you!
--ciao! :)

Gangnam Style!

hi beautiful! ^_^

there has just been a very trending music video (again!) by the Korean's! The Oppa Gangnam Style! :) 
A cute music video done by PSY ft. Hyuna. (Hyuna is the Singer Girl from Bubble Pop). :) 

See this cute cute cute Oppa Gangnam Style Music Video! :) 

Enjoy watching this super hit music video beautiful! :) 
--ciao! :) 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Katy Perry You Want? :)

Alooowaa Beautiful! :)

Katy Perry in the house babe! :) Go! Go! Go! 

here is what Katy Perry is getting busy with now. 
she is now giving her all and making things happen! :) 

                                          Katy Perry- Part of Me

Having fun?! :) There is more! See the Katy Perry- Part of Me Movie in theaters NOW! 
Go grab Katy Perry's attention! 

--ciao! :) 

Nicki Minaj Fever!

Alooowaa Beautiful! :)

Who know's Nicki Minaj?? :) HAHAHA! of course you do! :)

Here to lighten up your day before you do anything else!

Nicki Minaaaaaaj! :)

                                          Super Bass (Official Music Video)


                                         Starships (Official Music Video)

Enjoy it Beautiful! :) 

--ciao! :)